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What is Executive Search?

Executive Search is a respected professional consulting role that helps companies identify and retain top-quality management professionals.  In 2018, executive search was a $20+ billion industry and growing. 

Why FPC?

Being the owner of a business can have great rewards -- personally, professionally and financially. It also has challenges. As the owner of an FPC franchise you have the opportunity to achieve the rewards, while removing a great deal of risk from the equation.   The key to FPC’s record of success is that we give you all of the training and support you need to set up and run your business, hire and train your staff and get all of the basics accomplished. And we’re there for you for the long haul -- whenever you need us. Other than that, we get out of your way. You are free to manage your time and your office – including developing policies and procedures – in the ways that work best for you.


What is the profile of a typical FPC Franchise owner?

Initial Set-up

How long does it take to open an office?

What kind of training will you provide?

How do I find, select and train consultants?

Personalized Support

In which industries and disciplines will I specialize?

How do I get started?

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