If you’re looking for a career change, you may not have considered becoming an executive recruiter. That’s certainly true of more than 85% of the current owners of FPC executive recruiting franchises. Yet, once they understood the opportunities and benefits of executive recruiting– or search – they found it to be a highly effective way to transition their experience, knowledge and skills into a financially and personally rewarding new career. And FPC provided the training and recruiting network resources to help them make the transition and get up-and-running quickly.

In 2017, executive search was a $20+ billion industry and growing. It is a respected professional consulting role that helps companies identify and retain top-quality management professionals. Recruiting refers to permanent placements for key, higher level positions -- as opposed to contract or temporary placement. Executive search has its roots in management consulting and over time has evolved into a separate business services category.

Even with the advent of the Internet and job boards, the professional executive recruiter has remained a vital resource for hiring managers tasked with bringing the best and brightest on board to meet corporate objectives.

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