Career Benefits

There are many benefits to a career as an executive search consultant. When you’re changing careers, one of the key benefits to becoming an executive recruiter is that you can leverage all of your professional and industry experience and contacts. Rather than starting over from scratch, you begin with immediate credibility and a launch pad to generating revenues.

Many of our FPC owners recruit for the companies and the industries in which they worked and where they had built knowledge and respect. You can do the same.

Here are some other benefits that make a career in executive recruiting rewarding and worthwhile:

  • Compensation: You are rewarded based upon your production. The more you achieve, the more you earn. There is no cap. As opposed to working for a recruiting company, as an FPC owner you also benefit from the production of the recruiters you hire.
  • Prestige: Executive recruiters work with all levels of their clients’ executive management teams. You will be a crucial resource in helping hiring managers and HR determine hiring objectives and then helping to fulfill them.
  • Lifestyle: While it takes hard work to succeed as an executive recruiter, your days are structured for life/work balance. You can get to kids’ activities, dine with your spouse and enjoy your favorite leisure-time activities. Recruiting is an especially good choice for those tired of corporate travel.
  • Personal Rewards: Recruiting just plain feels good. As a successful executive recruiter, you not only providing a better life for yourself and your family, but you are also helping others to succeed in their life and business objectives. Both the companies and job candidates you serve can move forward as a result of your work.

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