What Does a Recruiter Do to Succeed? And What Qualities Does it Take?

Successful executive recruiting consultants share certain qualities and perform an array of activities that help them reach their goals. Many of their skills and abilities are the same ones that it takes to succeed in any executive management role. So not only do our owners’ industry experience and knowledge follow them into recruiting and franchising, but so do many other attributes.

If you’re wondering, “What does a recruiter do?” the following points will help you determine if recruiting would be a great career for you.

  • Communication Skills: The ability to listen to and engage with others, clearly state your ideas and represent the thoughts of others is key. Much of a recruiter’s communications take place over the phone, so the ability to come across well even when you’re not face to face is very important.
  • Problem Solving: Recruiting is, after all, a consulting role. Both client companies and job candidates are trying to move beyond the status quo. If you can use your knowledge and creativity to produce win-win scenarios, you’ll succeed as a recruiter.
  • Persistence: Building a client and candidate base and filling job orders requires steady and persistent work, getting on the phone each day and making the calls required to reach, develop and nurture contacts. Building long term relationships and keeping in touch over time yields results.
  • Negotiating Skills: As a third party to the hiring process, your ability to recommend the right strategies and negotiating tactics to the party/ies you represent leads to closed business. As an FPC owner, you can also take advantage of its trainers’ deep employment contract negotiating experience. Even long-time owners call on the corporate office regularly to help them close placements.
  • Caring About Others: As a recruiter you are at the heart of developing a client company’s most valuable asset – its people. And you often hold the future of a job candidate and his or her family in your hands. The human element in recruiting is what makes it personally rewarding, so it is obvious that those who succeed the best are those who care the most about their clients and candidates.
  • Passion and Enthusiasm: It’s always easier to succeed when you have a passion and enthusiasm for what you do. Those qualities are infectious. People want to work with professionals who demonstrate a love for their work. If you have the qualities noted above, it is likely that you will become passionate about the value you can provide as a recruiter.
  • Ambition to Succeed: Ambition is not a four letter word. As a recruiter – and an FPC executive recruiting franchise owner – you are building a secure future for your family and the freedom that comes from working for yourself. Success is never a straight line. You know this because you’ve already been successful in your current career. Owning and building a business most definitely requires a vision for the future and the ambition to make it a reality. FPC will support you every step of the way.

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