Quality People & Systems 

"When my wife and I began our due diligence, we had one question, 'Why would joining FPC be better than creating a start-up in our home?' Well, we were immediately impressed during our first meeting by the quality of people, professionalism, proven systems, training and support structure, and everyone's sincerity in the success of our business. The only question we had on the ride home was, 'When do we start?'" 

- Owner since 2000 (Connecticut)


"From the start, FPC helped me create an environment to work in that is enjoyable and honest. I trust them. You can always promise the world and not deliver, but FPC provides you with the system of tools you need to be successful. I have probably used FPC more in recent years than ever before. They have been there with an exchange of ideas, training and input. They offer lots of attention to help new owners and consultants become productive." 

- Owner since 1975 (Massachussetts)

Highest Value

"Over the years, I worked with FPC as a candidate helping me find a new job. Later as a hiring manager when I needed to hire people, I called on FPC offices and was impressed with them. As I decided to go into the recruiting business, I went with FPC not only because of my prior experience, but also because they had the highest value to offer. The difference with FPC is that the focus is on quality and winning with integrity. These form the guiding principles through which they inspire and train each and every office owner and recruiter.

FPC customizes their core training so that every office owner gets trained in a way that they best learn. I love technology, but this is a people based business and has to be learned by a coach one-on-one. Apart from the team at FPC national headquarters, I was welcomed by other FPC office owners - an impressive group of entrepreneurs, able to write their own ticket in life and profession using training and support from FPC National." 

- Owner Since 2004 (Florida)

Strength and Integrity

"The strength of the system is due in large part to the integrity of the people at the home office in New York. The entire organization is committed to your success. It's a tremendous advantage to work with a franchise company that has such honesty and integrity." 

- Owner since 1980 (North Carolina)